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Get cinema quality in the comfort of your own home!

At home, you set the showtimes, you can get comfortable, and you can control the quality of the picture, the sound, and the ease of use with help from Michigan Smarthome Technologies.

We provide our customers with the best of the best in audio, video, and home automation, and we use industry leaders to create a home theater that fits your wants and needs.

Design a Home Theater That Fits Your Space Perfectly

Combining what you want from your space with our expertise provides you with perfect acoustics and high-quality audio. We can talk through the right equipment for your space, such as projectors, TVs, speakers, soundbars, receivers, mounting solutions, and more. We can also automate your system, removing the need for multiple remotes and give you control in one place via voice control, your smartphone, tablet, panel, or desktop.

Home theaters designed by Michigan Smarthome Technologies are tailored to each person and their specific needs.

Whether your priority is around movies, sports, music, all three, or something entirely different, we have the right technology for you.

Get the Essentials

The first step is to get the right essentials— a large TV or projector, a speaker system, and a streaming or gaming system. We have options available such as the LG Signature TV and Origin Acoustics Marquee Theater speaker system.

However, you have to go beyond the essentials to guarantee they all work together. Some competing brands aren’t always compatible. You want your entertainment devices to work smoothly together to ensure everything is streamlined and intuitive. Michigan Smarthome Technologies can help you through the process.

Install an Automation Hub

Once you have all the necessary components, you’ll need a hub to connect them all. Entertainment hubs allow you to dim the lights, power the TV, turn up the speakers, close the blinds, adjust the room’s temperature, and more with just a touch of a button.

We offer a number of home automation solutions, including:

Get More Out of Your Home Theater

Traditional home theaters were built with only movies in mind. That meant that often times, home theaters were in rooms with no windows or heavy window treatments that weren’t used for anything but viewing.

Today, families opt for hybrid rooms, that are media-centric, but still provide space for hosting, hanging out, exercise, and even relaxation.

You can transform your home theater into a space that gets used more frequently. If you like to entertain, perhaps consider adding a bar or a kitchenette with fun LED lights. If you enjoy working out, you can add a space for a treadmill or other exercise equipment and display your workout videos on the screen or blast your playlists over the speakers. Or, if you want a more relaxing escape, you can create a Zen environment for yoga or meditation, and even simulate the outdoors from the comfort of your theater.

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