HomeSeer is a smart home system that fits every need and budget. HomeSeer’s systems are locally managed so your events, scenes & automations will always run, even when your internet goes down. 

You’ll also enjoy full integration with smart speakers & hundreds of other smart home products available around the world!

Automation Controls


Lights: Your lights come on when you want them to, for safety, security and convenience.

Garage Door: Never forget to close your garage door again! Know if it’s still open and close it from your mobile device or computer.

Thermostats: Take control of your heating and cooling, all while saving money on your utility bill.

Door locks: Keep tabs on the kids or let the contractor in when you’re not home.

Water Valves: Is the hot water heater leaking? HomeSeer’s smart valves come to the rescue.

Cameras: Keep an eye on your property, your family, your life with our security cameras.

Additional Features

This software is incredibly powerful and flexible and comes with a seemingly endless list of features. Some other important features provided include:

  • Free Android & Apple apps
  • Supports unlimited devices & events
  • Unlimited triggers, conditions & actions
  • Voice control & programming
  • Counters & Timers
  • Speaks alerts, announcements & reminders
  • Drag ‘n Drop Interface
  • Customizable status icons
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
  • Can integrate with Sonos wireless speakers
  • Plugins available to communicate directly with Denon and Marantz receivers
  • Irrigation control that can help reduce water waste
  • Infrared transmitters can be used to control any infrared controlled devices
  • If using their web gateway integrates with IFTT and Amazon Echo
  • Apps can be fully customizable, so they look and function in a way that works best for you
  • Monitor Energy usage
  • Control Media Devices on the network
  • Pool and Spa Control

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