Josh is a luxury home automation in the form of intuitive AI. With Josh, you get a simplified and secure home interface. You can easily set the mood with natural voice commands or efficiently control your property using the Josh app.

Josh AI Features

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Natural Voice Commands

Josh is the only control system with a voice assistant purposely built for home control. You don’t have to memorize commands with Josh, just simple have a conversation with your home. Josh will also evolve based on your interactions, providing the most intuitive experience possible.

Privacy and Data Security

All conversations with your home will always remain private. Josh will only listen fore its name, and once woken up it displays a rainbow animation to communicate that you’re being heard. It also provides tools to manage how much of your data is used to ensure your privacy is secure. You won’t be sold anything or have your data marketed to third parties.

Control Your Home Anywhere

With the Josh app, you can connect all your devices onto one intuitive interface that’s operable via touch, text, voice, or “smart recommendations” Josh can also proactively suggest actions for you, by learning and understanding your living patterns. The Josh app gives you the ability to check the status of your devices and view camera streams, even while you’re away.

Room Awareness

Josh knows where you are when you give a voice command. If you ask your Micro to “turn on the lights” or “open the shades”, it will be localized to that room. That way, you don’t have to think about mentioning what room you’re in for every command. This simple feature makes a world of a difference in creating a natural experience.


Each Josh system is tailored to your unique needs. You can edit Josh’s personality with voices, accents, and even responses to commends. No matter who Josh is talking to, it understands any number of nicknames for devices, rooms, and scenes. 

Complementary Design

Josh is designed to complement and blend in with the décor of any luxury space. The far-field microphone array utilizes beamforming technology to detect where the voice is coming from directionally. It also features a capacitive LED touch dial for custom device configuration per room and intuitive manual control. The Josh Micro is available in Carrera White or Onyx Black.

The Micro is normally installed on a wall, however, there is an easel to place it on a table and we have a flush wall mount that makes it more hidden, but it still allows the front face to be visible and you can use the touch interface.

Professional Installation

Michigan Smarthome Technologies is a certified installer who is trained to properly install and support Josh. We will design the system around your needs to create a truly custom experience. Josh Micro can be wall-mounted or installed on a tabletop to be positioned for optimal performance.

Try Josh AI in Your Home

Having Josh in your home will decrease cognitive load, providing for more time to be with the people you care about and spend time doing the things you love. Josh is the personal assistant you never knew you needed!

Contact us today to learn about setting up Josh AI in your home.