LED Lighting

Lighting is such an important part of the home, but oftentimes, the power behind lighting is overlooked. Lighting is more than just illuminating dark. It actually plays a huge part in our mood.

The lights and lighting fixtures in our home and work environment can have a deep impact on our mood, alertness, energy, productivity, and creativity. Understanding that lighting can heighten emotions, affect appetite, uplift the mood, result in headaches, alleviate symptoms of depression, and cause drowsiness, will have you completing rethinking how you use light in your home or business.

Think about how the bright light of the morning sun stimulates and wakes you, while the sun setting in the evening relaxes you and can even make you sleepy. Incorporating that same thought process when lighting your home is important!

On top of mood, lighting has the ability to transform a house into a home. Without good lighting, everything else you’ve worked so hard on—furnishings, flooring, art—will get lost. The right lighting is essential in making the most of our homes!

Michigan Smarthome Technologies can work with you to create the right lighting for your space, such as removing bright white bulbs and using warm LEDs for both ambiance and energy efficiency. We can also use LED strips to liven up a bar or add under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Additionally, we can work with outdoor spaces and add lighting there as well.

LED lighting

We recommend using LED lighting for a multitude of reasons:

  • LED lights last far, far longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs.
  • They are the most energy-efficient way of lighting.
  • LEDs don’t contain toxic compounds and can be recycled.
  • They are durable and able to stand up against extreme weather, vibrations, and abrasion.
  • LEDs offer a lot of design flexibility—the color, shade, and brightness can all be controlled to perfection.
  • They’re great on low voltage power, making them perfect for outdoor usage.

Certain lighting solutions can also work in sync with your home automation system to really set the scene, whether that means having specific lights turn on when the sun goes down or turning all the lights low in your home theater when it’s time to watch a movie.

It’s also important to note that home lighting doesn’t just mean artificial light—your natural light plays a vital role. With automatic shades and drapes, you can also control the light of your home to positively affect your space.

Curious about how to make your house your happy place using lighting? Contact Michigan Smarthome Technologies today and we will talk with you through multiple solutions!