Helping Overcome WIFI Shortcomings

With Home Automation, wireless speaker systems, phones, tablets, computers, etc. using WIFI the network can easily get overloaded. Stop fussing with your WIFI and get a dependent, quality network. Eero creates a mesh network, allowing for greater speed, more connections, and a better network.

Why Choose Eero?

Best in Home Connection

As you move throughout your house you are automatically switched to the access point that gives you the best connection.  With range extenders or multiple access points, you normally don’t switch until you lose the connection you have.  This ensures the fastest network speeds available.

Multiple Access Points

Eero networks can be installed with multiple WIFI access points, which it uses to create the mesh.  More points allow for more devices to be connected and helps cover any dead zones.

Automatic Updates

Eero includes free updates and will automatically update the devices when available.  The hardware is more powerful than is currently needed so it can stay up to date for many years to come. In addition, unlike traditional routers, eero provides automatic security updates and adheres to the strictest security standards.

Parental Controls

You are able to set up profiles that can put controls on devices which can include times it can access the internet. This allows you to turn off access for bedtime, dinner, and other family time.

Try Eero Today!

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