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Whenever possible, we recommend having wired speakers as they give the best sound quality and Origin Acoustics is an industry leader when it comes to architectural audio. They offer only the highest quality of sound from speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that are designed to match your décor or hide within it.

What Makes Origin Acoustics Stand Out

Best in Sound

With Origin Acoustics patented Multi-Motion Pivot® technology, loudspeakers have the ability to pivot up to 30 degrees for accurate sound-staging. They also provide minimal distortion, due to their Variable Depth Absorption Layer that absorbs errant frequencies. In addition, their woofers are designed for high sensitivity to absorb impact and prevent distortion, and if that weren’t enough, their tweeters have resounding clarity due to the dual plane stabilized diaphragm designed by Origin themselves.

Detailed Articulation

They have built an authentic three-way loudspeaker for in-ceiling applications. The transducers are stacked linearly for precise imaging and elegantly hinged for an extended pivot. Perfect for creating lifelike sound stages from above.

Architectural Voice Control

The Valet Amplifier integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Dot to create a simple, interactive four-zone system. They also offer a wall-mount and ceiling mount that allows you to fully enjoy your Amazon sources with never before heard clarity.

Tool-less Mounting

When it comes to the ratio of performance to grille size, Origin Acoustics’ in-ceiling speakers always finish first. That’s because, on average, their models have two more inches of woofer than the competitions’. They made it possible with the tool-less mounting system. Their woofers and surrounds begin where the other speakers are still putting their dog-ears. An additional advantage to this mounting system, we can plan speakers during the build phase and have the mounts, grills, and wires all installed and quickly install the speakers when you are ready.  This gives a clean finished look and no fishing for wires that got lost in the ceiling.

Outdoor Design Service

We can provide you with guidance on your outdoor audio project, with high-quality weatherproof enclosures that ensure you’ll always have just the right musical ambiance when you need it. Read more on our outdoor services page.

We’re Your Origin Acoustics Provider

Astonishingly high-performance and charmingly minimalistic, Origin Acoustics fits into any aesthetic to fill your entire house or backyard with high definition sound.

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