Outdoor Spaces Article

Outdoor Spaces Article

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This article was originally published in the June 2020 Edition of Grand Haven Neighbors

During these unconventional times, many people are spending more time at home and as the weather continues to get better, they will want to spend more time outside.  Perhaps that space isn’t as entertaining as they would like.  And as we all know in Michigan, we can have a lot of pesky mosquitos that buzz around and bite us. Maybe you like to listen to music while outside or watch some TV. Or perhaps plan a movie night with your family or friends. If so Michigan Smarthome Technologies is here to help.

Automated Outdoor Bug Screens
Image asset, Insolroll, Inc.

Insolroll is a company that makes outdoor shades and bug screens that can be installed on porches, pergolas and more.  The screens are sealed on the sides and top, then the bottom has a gasket that creates a barrier so those bugs can’t get to you.  You have a choice between a bug screen or shade that allows various amounts of light through, depending on what you are wanting.  These can allow you still see that beautiful sunset as well as enjoy the bright sunny day without the light blinding you. 

Outdoor TV Example

TVs made for the outdoors are made differently than an indoor TV.  The screens are different as they need to be seen in the bright light outside.  They also often have active cooling integrated into the case to help prevent the TV from getting overheated. Then add on that these TVs are can be rained on and watched during the winter without issues. Want to pretend you are watching the Winter Classic? Now you can sit outside all bundled up and watch a hockey game in February from the safety and comfort of your own home. Michigan Smarthome Technologies can help you choose the best product to fit your needs.

Bollard Speaker Example

Audio outside can also be very important.  That TV sound may not cover the entire area you want whether you are using it for a show, movie or streaming music.  Installing an outdoor sound system can make sure you have the sound coverage you are wanting so some areas are not too loud while others are too soft.

Outdoor LED Lights on bar and steps.

Low voltage LED lighting can also be placed outside.  These can be lights shinning up the side of your house or in bushes; need lights along the ground allowing you to see the path?  We have light strips that can be installed in between pavers that are strong enough to be driven over. So much is possible to give you either nice ambient light or color changing accent lights to give your outdoor party a new level of fun.

The trick to all of this is integrating it with a single system that lets you control everything from one page on your phone or tablet, we can even make a lot of it voice controlled. Smart technologies are supposed to make your life more convenient, not more complex. Too often I’ve seen people add different aspects of these into houses and each one is controlled by a different app on their phone.  This only complicates things, and frustrates the user.  Depending on the device, we can put almost everything onto a single screen and if we needed to use multiple screens they are all connected and you don’t need to change apps.

Call us today to discuss how we can help make that outdoor space more enjoyable and we will be more than happy to coordinate with your landscaper or builder to help make that transformation less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your family. 


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Outdoor Spaces Article

This article was originally published in the June 2020 Edition of Grand Haven Neighbors During these unconventional times, many people are spending more time at