Extend Your Smart Home Luxuries to the Outdoors

The inside of your home isn’t the only place that can benefit from technology, the outside can too! Enjoy spending more time outdoors with solutions customized to you. With endless possibilities, you are sure to have the patio, deck, or backyard of your dreams!

Michigan Smarthome Technologies has a number of solutions we can provide to bring you comfort, ease, and fun, to your outdoor space.

Turn Up the Tunes

Get an outdoor sound system that is covert, stylish, weatherproof, and all-around exceeds expectations. Take Origin Acoustics for example- That time spent in your backyard, when the weather is perfect and you’re surrounded by the people you love, that’s the moment they designed their outdoor loudspeakers for.

The high-quality weatherproof enclosures ensure that you’ll always have just the right musical ambiance when you need it, and their style options guarantee you’ll find something to suit your look.

Set the Mood

Romantic date night, or party with friends? You decide and let the lights set the mood! LED lights are a great way to easily change up the feel of a space. Low, warm light can ease you into the evening, leading to a more romantic or just relaxed approach.

Alternatively, let your lights be the life of the party! You have the ability to select a color of your lights on LED strips, let the lights change colors on their own, or even match them to the music so they’re always on beat!

Block the Sun, Not the View

Make your outdoor living space comfortable, beautiful, and functional with Insolroll Patio Shades and Retractable Insect Screens.

Insolroll manufactures exterior roller shades for covering windows, decks, porches, pergolas and other outdoor patio structures. All exterior roller shade systems are designed to control heat and glare while maintaining the view of the outdoors and are the most effective shading solution for outdoor living spaces. The benefits of solar screen shades include:

  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce heat in both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Preserves your connection with the outdoors
  • Motorized operation options for easy, on-demand shading
  • Wide Selection of Fabric choices offer color, texture, view and performance
  • Attractive Hardware solutions hold fabric in place

Always Be Entertained

From watching the game to following along to your workout, adding a television to your outdoor space will take it to the next level! Consider how much more you would utilize an outdoor space if you had viewing capabilities? Find out more about our outdoor TVs.

Let Us Help Create a Dream Space Outdoors!

Michigan Smarthome Technologies can work with homeowners, landscapers, and builders to come up with a space outdoors that you’ll love!

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