Have you been considering adding a TV to your outdoor space? With Michigan Smarthome Technologies at your side, installing an outdoor TV has never been easier!

Consider how much more you would use your outdoor spaces with a television. Throw on the game when you have company over, watch music videos or live concerts, play games, entertain the kids, and so much more! Commercial spaces can add them to patios, pool decks, bars, and stadium concourses.

Want the Best in Outdoor TVs?

Peerless offers outdoor entertainment at its finest. Their televisions are rated for all weather, and they also offer stylish mounting solutions and award-winning outdoor soundbars for the ultimate audio experience.

Peerless Outdoor TV Features

Weatherproof Technology

  • Fully sealed, maintenance-free displays with no fans, vents, or filters. Peerless TVs fully protect against water, dust, moisture, and insects.

Best-In-Industry Temperature Range

  • With an operating temperature range of -31 degrees F to 140 degrees F, Peerless outdoor televisions are designed to thrive outside year-round, without the worry of extreme cold or hot temperature waves.

Resilient Safety Glass

  • These displays are built with anti-reflective, impact-resistant safety glass that fully protects the screen from vandalism and debris.

Truly Sunlight Readable

  • Don’t worry about not being able to see your TV in the sun! Peerless optically bonds their displays which increases the perceived contrast ration and cuts down on glare, giving you amazing picture quality even in direct sunlight.

High Bright Output

  • The built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness, which optimizes the display’s power consumption and enhances the viewing experience.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Outdoor TV Needs

Michigan Smarthome Technologies is a certified dealer of Peerless outdoor TVs. Get the highest quality solutions and professional installation in one place!

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