Are you looking for a way to covertly add a television to your space?

One of the most popular ways to hang, hide, and hook up your TV is with Mirror TVs. This is a great option for those who want a centrally located TV but don’t want to look at it all the time. Mirror TVs allow your flat screen to double as a mirror with the capability to switch back and forth.

Reflect Your Style, Not Distract from It

Mirror TVs work with dielectric glass, AKA smart glass. By using electricity, the physical properties of smart glass can change with the flip of a switch, allowing the glass to go from transparent to opaque.

The technology behind smart glass can get pretty advanced, so it best to invest in a high-quality Mirror TV to avoid the glass from decreasing the brightness of your TV.

Vanity TV Mirrors

One of the most popular applications of a mirror TV is in a bathroom, dressing room, or spa as a part of the vanity. This gives you the opportunity to watch the news as you get ready for work, set a relaxing scene while you’re taking a bath, or check the weather reports before you leave for the day.

Is a Mirror TV Right for You?

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